The Lisbon Call to Action

To protect children (aged under 18 years old) from obesogenic digital environments, through reducing children’s exposure to digital marketing of unhealthy food products and by expanding the opportunities of digitalisation in enhancing the accessibility and affordability of healthy and environmentally sustainable food.

We call on key stakeholders and players to join The Lisbon Call to Action and to commit to undertake necessary actions within their scope. We call on Governments, Parents and Families, School and Education Community, Food Sector and Marketers, Online Content Developers, Tech Developers, Research and Academia, as well as Non-governmental and Civil Society Organizations.

The Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council, in particular the Portuguese Ministry of Health, signed this Call to Action to protect children from obesogenic environments. We now welcome you to subscribe this proposal and become a signatory of The Lisbon Call to Action.

The Lisbon Call to Action - To protect children from obesogenic digital environments

92 signatures

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Dr. Elsa Lamy, Ms. Andrea Franco, Ms. Inês Pádua, Mrs. Ana Dias, Ms. Alexandra Costa, Ms. Mariana Bessa, Ms. Maria Pires Duarte, Mrs. Ana Maria Prata, Ms. Joana Gralha, Ms. Érica Serra, Mrs. Rafaela Rosario, Ms. Luciana Pereira, Dr. Bernardo Palma Mira, Ms. Joana Araújo, Mrs. Silvia Gariso, Mr. Franclim Silva, Miss. Liliana Ferreira, Miss. Catarina Pirata, Ms. Teresa F. Amaral , Ms. Carla Marques, Ms. Mónica Silva, Mr. Pedro Mendonca, Mrs. Sílvia Costa, Ms. Helena Sa Couto, Ms. Ana Coelhos, Mrs. Maria Cristina TRD Teixeira Santos, Miss. Marta Sampaio, Mrs. Ana Silva , Mr. Duarte Vidinha, Mrs. Vanda Maria Dos Santos, Mrs. Ana Sapage, Ms. Inês Antunes, Ms. Inês Asseiceira, Mr. João Pinheiro, Ms. Ana Catarina Moreira, Ms. Sofia Vilela, Ms. Ana Raquel Branco, Mrs. Francisca Teixeira , Mr. Manuel Gonçalves, Mr. José Carlos Fernandes Pereira, Dr. Manuel Ramiro Pastorinho, Dr. Ana Catarina Sousa, Ms. Sara Martins, Ms. Carla Pedrosa, Mr. Carlos Alberto da Silva , Ms. Bárbara Martins, Miss. Joana Gonçalves, Ms. Raquel Ferreira, Ms. ALEXANDRA LIMA, Ms. Paula Fabiani, Mrs. Elida Sina, Miss. Sofia Santos , Miss. Estela Pinheiro Filipe, Ms. Andreia Borges , Mrs. Cláudia Gomes, Mr. Rui Lima, Miss. Liliana Afonso, Miss. Viviane De Melo, Mrs. Inês Tomada, Mr. David Cabanas, Ms. Raquel Lopes , Ms. Shámila Ismael, Dr. Luís Soares da Costa, Miss. Raquel Luís, Ms. Joana Petra Camacho Gonçalves, Miss. Helena Trigueiro , Ms. Cláudia Marques, Ms. Cátia Pereira, Ms. Susana Salvador, Ms. Ludmilla Vamain, Miss. Sandra Gomes, Ms. Ana Raquel Cruz, Mr. Rui da Silva, Mr. Diogo Oliveira dos Santos, Ms. Carla Sousa, Ms. Barbara Cardoso, Miss. Rita Sequeira, Mr. Diogo Pestana, Ms. Inês Castela, Ms. maria neto, Miss. Inês Barreiros Mota, Ms. Dora Natália Baixinho Faria, Mr. Pedro Graça, Ms. Diana Teixeira, Mr. Mario Silva, Dr. Sudhir Prabhu, Ms. Sandra Estevam, Ms. Fátima Martins, Ms. Clara Salvador, Ms. Margarida Bica, Ms. Maria João Gregório, Dr. Jorge Cabral de Oliveira,

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We kindly invite you to download a poster to mark your commitment in protecting children from obesogenic environments and share it with your network.

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